Domestic and Commercial Electrical Work in Weymouth | How You Can Benefit from Electrical Testing and Other Services

Through professional electrical services, Tristan G Murless Ltd provides a range of benefits to domestic, commercial and industrial customers in the Weymouth area. From enhancing safety with electrical testing and fire alarm installations to tailoring electrics to individual needs through commercial electrical work, we do a lot for our customers. Below, we explain some of the ways you can benefit from our services.

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Increased Safety

Experienced electrical contractors, like the team at Tristan G Murless Ltd, can help maximise electrical safety at your property. This can include making sure existing systems are up to standard, repairing or updating them as needed, or fitting new electrics to latest regulations.

The services provided by our electricians reduce the risk of electrical faults and hazards, such as shocks and fires, keeping your property and everyone in it safe. We also install various fire systems that give plenty of warning in an emergency and security systems that help control access.

Electrical services to enhance safety at your Weymouth premises include:

Tailored Installations

Our team can customise domestic and commercial electrical installations to the needs of each customer. This ensures systems provide everything you need and work perfectly. Whether undertaking commercial electrical work or services for residential or industrial properties, we work with our customers to find the best solutions for their needs.

Everything from the location of plug sockets and the type of lighting to consumer units and EV charger installations can be tailored to your requirements.

Reliable Electrics

Say goodbye to electrical problems like flickering lights, tripping fuses and buzzing noises. A qualified electrician will help keep your electrical systems in top condition and running smoothly. Undertaking electrical maintenance, fault finding and repairs, as well as electrical testing, we make sure our customers in Weymouth and the surrounding areas have highly reliable electrics that offer optimum performance.

This means you don’t have to worry about sudden faults and disruptions. We even make sure domestic and commercial EV chargers are properly installed to prevent them from shorting circuits.

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