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A quality fire alarm system is vital for keeping everyone on your property safe. Whether you have a domestic, commercial or industrial premises, we urge you to ensure you have an effective and fully functional fire alarm installation in place. Property owners in Weymouth and the surrounding areas can rely on Tristan G Murless Ltd for thorough services relating to fire and smoke alarms, including fire alarm installations and electrical testing.

Our electricians install fire alarms in any building, providing extensive solutions to meet the needs of every customer, including the following:

  • Hard-Wired Fire Alarms

  • Wireless Fire Alarms

  • Smoke Alarms

  • Cordless Heat Detectors

  • Fire Alarm Panels

  • Manual Call Points

  • Break Glass Alarms

  • Workplace Sounders, Flashers and Bells

  • Automatic Extinguishers

  • Public Address and Voice Alarm Systems

  • Fire Alarm Testing

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Fire Alarm System Installations and Upgrades

Different factors need to be considered when choosing a fire alarm system for your building. We carry out free site surveys to find out which system suits your needs. We offer several options, whether you’re looking to buy a brand-new fire alarm system or upgrade your existing one.

There are various systems we recommend, which we can supply and fit. Alternatively, we complete fire alarm installations for different systems supplied by our clients, as long as they meet the minimum safety standards.

Domestic Fire Alarms

We install both wireless and hard-wired alarms. The latter are more effective as there is no need for batteries. After installation, our electricians issue a Fire Alarm Certificate, which is a mandatory inspection that must be carried out in accordance with BS5839.

Commercial Fire Alarms

As for domestic properties in the Weymouth area, we offer wireless and hard-wired options, following a similar installation process. However, commercial fire alarm installations are more complex due to the size and requirements of the buildings.

Our service includes:

Fire Alarm Testing and Maintenance

The electricians at Tristan G Murless Ltd also test existing fire alarm systems, ensuring they work properly and provide the highest level of safety. We can also offer advice and ideas on safety aspects and ways to improve systems.

If you are ever in doubt about your fire alarm installation, always check and give us a call – it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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