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Electrical safety testing is essential to ensure electrical products and installations are safe. Whether in a domestic, commercial or industrial setting, proper electrical testing at regular intervals drastically helps improve safety by reducing the risk of electrical shocks, fires and other hazards. In addition, it can help minimise disruption to your property by keeping electrics in good condition, resulting in less chance of unexpected faults.

If you need any kind of electrical test performed at your property in Weymouth or the surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to call Tristan G Murless Ltd. Our electricians provide a wide range of testing services for all property types.

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Electrical Safety Tests

The following are some of the electrical tests we carry out:

We follow industry and government guidelines when performing electrical testing to ensure compliance with latest standards. We follow testing processes as described in IEC 60335, IEC 61010, NFPA 70, BS 7671.

To ensure the ongoing safety of premises in the Weymouth area, we offer annual safety tests and inspections, including PAT tests for appliances and landlord certificates.

What Does Electrical Testing Involve?

We make sure our processes are suitable and effective for the systems we are testing. Here are some typical aspects of our testing services:

Visual Inspection

First, our electricians perform a visual survey without touching anything. The aim of a visual inspection is to identify issues such as damaged insulation, disconnected wires and incorrect installation.

Live and Non-Live Testing

We carry out various tests on non-live and live circuits, including a continuity test to check the wiring is correct and an earth continuity test to make sure the earthing system is properly connected.

Earth fault loop impedance testing makes sure that if a fault does occur, the system will disconnect the supply within the specified time limit. We also carry out a polarity test to check that connections are in the right sequence.

RCD Testing

RCDs are designed to prevent you from getting a fatal electric shock. They switch off the electricity when there is a fault, minimising electrical risks. Our electricians test RCDs to ensure these life-saving devices are working properly.

SPD Test

SPDs (Surge Protective Devices) are tested as part of our electrical testing services in Weymouth and the surrounding areas. SPDs safeguard the electrical setup from dangerous power surges.

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